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I Want To Make You Mine
by Francis Peter Bertolero

The rocks will come a tumbling down, the mountains will lie flat
Creation sings in minor keys for nothing ever lasts
But some things here, beginning, will break the bonds of time
Like words I uttered long ago: I want to make you mine.

The winds will come to nothing, a babies breath, no more
One day therell be no crashing of the waves upon the shore
All grapes will be as raisins, no longer to make wine
Unlike the words Ive said before: I want to make you mine.

Ill never see so many things, existing here and now
For many are too high, too far, too deep for life to show
So much there is that I will miss, to know this makes me pine
And this is why, I cant deny, I want to make you mine.

I cant contain the ocean, the sky I cant possess
I cant restrain the falling rain, soft clouds cannot caress
So much of you, so many hues, to see in one lifetime
Beyond this day, you'll hear me say, I want to make you mine.

Poem ID: 87716   Poem Posted: 2/14/2009
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Copyright , February 11, 2009, Francis Peter Bertolero  all rights reserved by the author.
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