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The Night Under The Stars
by Sarah Marie Geffers

Clear sky,
Perfect night,
Stars so bright,
As bright as the sun,
We lay there looking up.

That night is, ever so clear, in my mind.
The night under the stars,
Our first night together,
As we look up at the stars,
We make a wish.

We wished to be together for eternity.
We knew we were perfect for each other.
It was meant to be,
As we layed there..
Under the stars.

Ever so gently,
You took my face into your hands.
You looked me in the eyes,
You told me you loved me,
That night.. under the stars.

Was it meant to be..
For us to be together for eternity?
It felt right at the time.
Oh, how I loved you so..
Under the stars.

My feelings for you that night are undescribable,
Feelings that I've never felt for someone.
Feelings that were scary to me,
Longed for feelings,
Feelings that I felt for you.. under the stars.

You told me that night,
You wanted to be with me forever,
To never leave my side,
Be with me until the end,
You said that to me the night.. under the stars.

Do you remember that night?
The night under the stars?
I thought you would always feel that way for  me,
I sure had strong feelings for you,
That night.. under the stars.

I'm sitting here without you now.
You left me, long ago,
As I think about you,
Tears come to my eyes,
Why did you leave me?

Was it for someone else?
Maybe you never loved me,
You never did have strong feelings for me,
Did you?
Have you forgotten me?

I now lay under the stars,
All by myself,
Thinking of our night together.
Will you ever come back?
I make a wish for you to be here with me now.

I have not forgotten you.
Never, ever, will I forget about you,
My first love,
The person I wanted to be with,

I think about you,
I dream about you.
Where have you gone?
You have disappeared,
Come back soon.

Your as close to Heaven as I will ever get,
My feelings for you,
That night under the stars,
Were feelings that are unchanging,

Laying here under the stars,
All by myself forever,
Just thinking of the night,
Our night,
That night.. under the stars...

Poem ID: 6748   Poem Posted: 8/2/1998
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Copyright , 5-21-98, Sarah Marie Geffers  all rights reserved by the author.
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