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by Erica Mia Austin

I love you, can't you tell? 
I need you more than ever.
Why did you leave me all alone in this cold world? 
I wanted to find the meaning of life with you. 
I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. 
I wish I could spend another cold night with you. 
You're my world, you're my everything. 
I want you, no one else can make me happy as you did. 
No one has put that smile on my face. 
You're the only one I need to get over my addiction. 
I wanna be addicted to you. 
I am addicted to you. 
My heart only belongs to you. 
You have my love. 
How stupid can you be? 
Why did you have to stop loving me? 
I want to touch your face and see your beautiful eyes 
just one more time. 
I want kiss your soft lips and be in your arms. 
I want to feel your love all over me again. 
I want to be your queen once more. 
I want your tender kiss on my lips. 
I want you to wipe all my tears away forever again. 
Please understand me they way only you can. 
Be my man, let me be your woman. 
Let me take care of you like I did. 
I miss you so much. 
I want you bad. 
Pleae take me back.
I'd swim the deepest ocean for you. 
I'd climb the highest mountain for you. 
I'd do anything to be your woman. 
I'd do anything for you. 
I love you, Baby, please don't push my love away, 
but take it deep inside you. 
Let us be one again. 
I'm nothing without you. 
I need you. 
I have no life. 
You make me whole, without you I'm half. 
Fill me in, Baby. 
Fill my heart with your love, and not pain. 
It hurts so much not being able to kiss you 
or touch your face, 
to hold and smell you deep inside of me. 
You're my eyes, without I can't see. 
You're my breath, without you I can't breathe.
You're me and I am you. 
I am the shadow watching you at night. 
I'm that water touching your body 
when you're in the shower. 
I'm that sunlight that hits your hair. 
I'm that rain crying, "I love you." 
I'm the whistle in the wind, 
saying we will be together again. 
You are my soulmate. 
We are meant for each other. 
So what, we had our fights. 
There's no fun being perfect.
I know I was jealous only because I was afraid 
of being in the position I am in now. 
I didn't want to lose you. 
You are my everything. 
Please, Baby. 
Think about my love, 
and think about the love you still have inside for me. 
I know you still love me, or you wouldn't talk to me. 
Follow your heart! I am following mine.  
Do what your heart tells you to do. 
I can't stop thinking about you. 
Baby, please let us be together again... Robert and Erica

I  will always love you no matter what your decision is. 
I hope we work out, where we went wrong...
But always know that you are loved 
and always will be loved by that girl in PA. I miss you.

Poem ID: 65634   Poem Posted: 9/30/2001
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Copyright , 2001, Erica Mia Austin  all rights reserved by the author.
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