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A New Beginning
by Jaffer Saleh Safwan


At night
Only the moonlight
Shines vividly on the beach
People walk hand in hand
On the sand
And the sound
Of the seagulls 
And the waves
Gladdens their hearts
And the gift of the sea,
The breeze-
Cool and gentle –
Ravishes their happy souls
With delight.


I was on the porch 
Of my beach – house
Playing a song
On my lute –
   "Sometimes I smile
   Sometimes I cry
   The woman I love the most 
   Her heart has become dry
   She came once upon a time
   Swaying with a style
   She printed a kiss on my lips
   And waved me goodbye."


A young woman,
Tall with a golden hair –
Emerged from the night
She sat on the sand
Like a wounded cat.
I put down my lute and walked
Slowly toward the mournful woman
And near I saw her tears
Falling down her cheeks like a winter rain.
Before I could say a word
She said –
"Your song touched my unhealed wounds
I loved a man who was not worthy
Of my love.
I gave him everything
A woman could give her first love."
I said –
"I am, too, a victim of my first love.
I loved a woman who was not worthy
Of my love
I gave her everything
A man could give his first love."


Then I said –
"Let’s sing a happy song
To a new beginning"
She said –
"I want to be happy
Like those happy people on the beach."
And I reached out
For her hand
And said with delight –
"The moon is watching over us
Let’s sing a song for the moon and for us."
She laughed.

Poem ID: 43209   Poem Posted: 8/14/2000
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