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Poem Genre
Watching Her Sleep   
by Charles R Walling    
"I wake each morning
To find her near ..."
Abiding Love
Pinnacle of Cynicism   
by Matthew David    
"I recall the pinnacle...
That turned me cynical. ..."
The Pains of Love
The things i love about you   
by Dorice A. Louis    
"I Love the way you smile.
I Love the way you look at me. ..."
Love Described
In love with the wrong person   
by GIovanna Acosta    
"In love with the wrong person...
I want you to love me, but Iím not forcing. ..."
Abiding Love
The Poem You Will Never Read   
by Sarah Michelle Lipscomb    
"I sit alone in the darkness and I think of you.
I wonder where you are now, ..."
Love Past
I'll Be There   
by Beth Schmidt    
"When troubles, dangers, and sorrows befall you,
And you're looking all around for someone to turn to, ..."
Love Between Friends
My Soul   
by Laura Anne Nicole Parish    
"You have my soul,
It's locked away in your eyes. ..."
Love Withdrawn
by Stephanie B. Galvez    
"One moment in time, it seemed like a dream -
A dream that somehow surpassed reality. ..."
Love Fantasy
Carry Me Closely   
"Carry me closely, carry me near,
Hold me tightly, I have this fear. ..."
Love Remembered
you and me?   
by F R N    
"I've been thinking
about you and me ..."
Love and Parting
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